Intercoms & Access Control

To enable you to take control over who enters or moves around your home or business, intercoms and access control systems provide an additional layer of security. We install a range of systems designed to suit your needs, from residential entry phones to controlling stock rooms and sensitive data areas.

We cover:

  • Intercom installation
  • Access control installation
  • Stand-alone & PC based monitored systems
  • Audio only
  • Audio & video
  • App connection
  • Visitor recording
  • Fingerprint door entry
  • Fob and keypad door entry
  • Electronic door release
  • Bespoke entrance panel finishes
  • Wireless GSM SIM card systems

We Install Domestic & Commercial Intercom Systems

Our reliable intercoms can be installed at both domestic and commercial properties, whether you’re looking for entry phones installed at a new apartment block or improvements made to your business security. As well as a range of customisable features to ensure your system’s functionality is suitable for your needs, we also offer aesthetically pleasing solutions. Ensure installations are in keeping with your property’s exterior with our bespoke entrance panel finishes.

When you get in touch with Heckburn Security, we’ll offer you a free consultation, site visit and quote to ensure we survey your premises and recommend the best intercom and access control systems for you. We can also quote based on architectural plans for new build projects.

Combine intercom installation with any of our other security solutions, including CCTV services and intruder alarm systems.

Reliable Door Access Control Solutions

We offer a range of access control solutions for properties across the area, covering any type of building or door release system. Choose the door entry system you’d like for both internal areas and property access points, from fingerprint recognition technology to fobs and keypads.

Combine your access control with intercom technology as a stand-alone or PC monitored system. Our systems use technology which meets the latest industry standards, but if you do need to contact us to look at any system we’ve installed, call our technical support line.

App Connection to Manage Property Access

Intercoms and access control systems should always provide you with easy ways to monitor entry points and visitors, so we have both audio-only and audio with video features available for integration with your new system.

As accredited CCTV installers, we’re happy to install visitor recording capabilities alongside your door access system. This includes connection to an app, which you can access anywhere, anytime. The internal intercom phone is connected to your WiFi, so when the doorbell rings, the app will open the video feed and allow for two way speech.